Every Song on Adele’s New Album 30, Ranked

The iconic singer’s latest is available now

Thomas Lowery
7 min readNov 19, 2021


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Ever since Adele drunkenly teased her new album, 30, way back in February 2020 at her best friend’s wedding, fans have been holding their breath.

Little did they know they’d have to wait through a horrible pandemic to finally see the record hit stores. Well, thank goodness, the wait is finally over.

Adele may be the closest thing we have to a true universal superstar. Sure, there’s a plethora of artists who have found global success, but I can’t think of one who has attracted an audience that spans both continents and generations in the way that she has.

Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers from all over seem equally enthralled with the soulful singer from London. She doesn’t pander to anyone, instead choosing lyrics and themes that are timeless: love, loss, heartbreak, memory, pain, and growth.

The Adele of 30 is older, wiser, yet still unabashedly confessional. As she says in the penultimate track To Be Loved, “I’ll never learn if I never leap, I’ll always yearn if I never speak.” Her music can feel like therapy, both for her and for us.

She also happens to be an outstanding entertainer, never failing to find fun and exciting new ways to express her deepest sentiments. The synthesis of her killer pop instincts and her willingness to bare her soul on every track is what makes her, in my mind, the universal phenomenon that she is.

30 represents progress for Adele, both sonically and thematically. Like her previous albums, she incorporates a rich inherited musical tradition, but also breaks some audacious new ground. So, as an enthusiastic fan of her latest work, I’ve gone ahead and ranked every track on 30, from worst to best:

12. My Little Love

There’s a certain helplessness to the melody and the lyrics of My Little Love. It’s raw, honest, and a little depressing. In the song, she addresses her young son and essentially apologizes to him for not being her best self lately. “I’m holding on, Mama’s got a lot to learn,” she tells him. Adele has always been at her best when she combines vulnerable lyrics with super catchy beats and melodies. My Little Love is…



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